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Peninsula of Pelješac

About Peninsula of Pelješac

Peninsula of Pelješac is second largest Croatian peninsula 70km long, with 350 square meters and 8000 inhabitants.

Highest peak is St. Ilija with 961m above Orebić. Climate is mild Mediterranean with lots of flora and fauna. There is around 1200 botanical species. In the history their trail left ancient Ilirs, Greeks, Romans, Venetian, French and Austrian-Hungarian monarchy. Around 500 years (1343-1806) Pelješac was part of the world known Republic of Dubrovnik, under which peninsula flourished. Fortification walls were built in Ston and these are longest walls in Europe (5,5km).


Pelješac was important for salt production which brought Republic of Dubrovnik important source of money.

Today Pelješac is known as a vine region and is world famous by the vine called Dingač. Pelješac is today popular touristic destination for those who want to enjoy in gastronomy, sun, sailing and warm and crystal sea.


OREBIĆ - Touristic Centre of the Pelješac Riviera

  • Orebić
  • Touristic Center on Pelješac
  • Pine Trees
  • Sandy Beaches
  • Franciscan Monastery
  • Maritime Museum

About Orebić

Orebić is situated on the southwestern part of the Peninsula overlooking the canal between Korčula and Pelješac. Above the city is the mountain St. Ilija which offers unforgettable view on the island of Korčula, channel between Korčula and Pelješac, islands of Mljet and Lastovo and sometimes Italian coast can be seen if the weather is clear.

Orebić was founded in 1516 and from XVII century the place was heavily involved in maritime industry, 1865 maritime company was founded and in 1875 even a shipyard. Maritime tradition can be seen today in the Maritime museum and on the various gravestones of Franciscan monastery and inside the monastery itself.

Touristic Center

Today Orebić is the leading touristic center on Pelješac. Hundred years old pine trees, cypreses, olives, long sandy beaches with crystal clear sea, pleasant climate with mild winters and cooling wind in the summer attract lots of tourist from all over the world.

Accommodation can be found in hotels, camps, villas and private apartments.

Cultural Monuments

Franciscan Monastery with beautiful viewpoint
Captains Graveyard
Maritime Museum
Old Centre of Orebić